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As much as I am obsessed about infant and toddler sleep I also have a lot of other passions in the baby world. I love chatting about and supporting baby development, reflux, and most recently bodywork through craniosacral therapy. I love to approach my work with all clients from a holistic perspective really looking at things from all areas – development, attachment/relationships, feeding, body tightness, nutrition, and more. I also love living a low tox lifestyle and helping others do that too!

I will collaboratively (with you) create a clear action plan around your baby’s sleep, developmental milestones, reflux, sensory processing challenges, or overall body tightness and fussiness so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel less overwhelmed (and exhausted).

My goal is to empower you to tune into and trust your mama instincts and feel like the confident super moms you are. Are you ready to step into your confidence?

Why Choose CranialOT Therapy?

1. Expertise

I am a skilled and compassionate occupational therapist who is dedicated to providing you with the support and knowledge you need to thrive as a family.

2. Whole-Person Approach

I believe in nurturing your baby's physical, emotional, and sensory needs by using a whole-person approach - everything is connected and I love to help solve the mystery as a whole.

3. Customized Care

All virtual Occupational Therapy sessions are tailored to your family's unique situation, ensuring effective and personalized guidance.

4. Confidence Building

My mission is to empower parents with the tools and knowledge to confidently support their baby's development and well-being

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