Mom & Baby Classes

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I offer mom & baby classes at The WOMB in Burlington and in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

These services may be covered by your extended health insurance if you have 'occupational therapy' coverage.

Babies @ Play Classes

Are you a new parent seeking a supportive and engaging environment where you can openly discuss practical health, sleep, and developmental questions? Look no further!

"Babies @ Play" is here to provide you with a unique and enriching experience that not only nurtures your baby's development but also brings out your inner child for some quality fun.

"Babies @ Play" is more than just a parent/baby class; it's a community that understands the joys and challenges of parenthood. Our classes offer a safe and friendly space where you can connect with fellow parents, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into your baby's health, sleep, and development.

Two Levels To Choose From:

Level 1 - Pre-Mobile Babies - 6 wks - 5.5 mths

Level 2- Mobile Babies - 6 -12 mths (no walkers)

In-Person Classes in Ancaster and Burlington

6 week series | $238 | 1 Hour/week

Each week, the one-hour class includes 30-45 minutes of direct instruction where you will be practicing what you have learned, playing with your baby, and having fun. There will also be 10 minutes at the beginning and end of class to have some discussion and ask any questions you may have, while also connecting with other moms.

Can't Attend In-Person?

Holistic Baby:

Milestones Made Easy Course

With 12 virtual Babies @ Play Classes

Learn how to identify if your baby has any body tightness, infant development in the first 12 months, practice tummy time and developmental milestones like rolling and crawling, learn about sensory processing, strengthen the bond between you and baby, practice visual and auditory skills, and so much more!

In this self-study course, you and your baby will be able to follow along with my activities and tips on your own time, on your own schedule.

nice to meet you

I'm Kaili, your Baby Guru.

B.HSc (Hon.), M.Sc.OT, ICST

I have been an Occupational Therapist for 15+ years, and also hold many additional certifications in holistic infant sleep, reflux, and craniosacral therapy, amongst the many courses I have taken in a variety of topics. I love everything there is when it comes to babies and young children.

My business was created when I was a young new mom myself, with about 8 years of occupational therapy under my belt – I wanted to find a way to create a bonding community of moms and babies that helped bring clarity around what is biologically normal or typical, but also to help reduce the stress and overwhelm that often comes with new motherhood. Ultimately my goal is to help you release the stress, the guilt, the worry, and start spending more time confident in the supermom that you are. More time trusting yourself and your baby.

The more I learn about craniosacral therapy and the brain, the more I realize this is truly the cornerstone of so many concerns in babyhood, childhood, and well into adulthood. As a result, I truly believe that every single human should experience the power of craniosacral therapy.

After the loves of my life, my husband, son, and daughter, my work and is a huge passion. And, I hope that you will choose us to be a small part of your motherhood journey.

My Approach & Philosophy

My role is to be by your side, like a good friend, therapist, and mentor, as you navigate the wild ride of motherhood in the first few years.

My approach is evidence informed, developmentally appropriate, attachment-focused, as we dive into your questions and concerns around developmental milestones, sleep, reflux, feeding/solids, sensory processing, and more.

I guide you, but also empower you to lean in & trust your mama instincts. To tune into the baby you have in front of you, tune into what resonates w/ you & your family, what feels right a light in your heart. Tuning in so that you can start to tune out all the unsolicited advice from well meaning family, friends, social media, and yes even sometimes that of your doctor.

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